5 Things You Didn’t Know About the  Blue Hawaii

Twist and Toast


Blue Hawaiian vs. Blue Hawaii

The Blue Hawaii uses sweet and sour mix, while a Blue Hawaiian has cream of coconut sometimes called as crème de coconut instead. Bottom line: different ingredients, different vibes.


It’s Named After a 1930s Song

 It was inspired by the 1937 Bing Crosby song of the same name. Years later, Elvis Presley covered the song and it skyrocketed through the charts, along with his movie also titled “Blue Hawaii.”


It’s Often Served in a Hurricane or Tulip Glass

The curved silhouette of a Hurricane glass or the sleek lines of a Tulip glass cradle this vibrant blue elixir, giving you a sip of the tropics in style.


It Is A Shaken Cocktail

 The magnificent cocktail offers you a choice between a bold, ice-cold shake or a brain-freeze-inducing freeze.


Garnishing Is Key

Picture a wedge of pineapple and a maraschino cherry doing a flamenco dance on the rim, or maybe an orange slice catching the spotlight like a citrusy diva.

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