Bushwacker Cocktail

The scrumptious blend of rums, liqueurs, and creamy coconut in a Bushwacker Cocktail will transport you from your patio to a tropical paradise with just one sip. There’s a reason you’ll imagine you’re on a tropical island from the first sip of this cocktail. The Bushwacker was invented in 1975 at a bar on St.

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Fuzzy Navel Cocktail Recipe featured image below

Fuzzy Navel Cocktail

Taste a Fuzzy Navel—a cheekily named cocktail that blends Peach Schnapps and orange juice for an effervescent delight that can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night! The Fuzzy Navel is a relatively new cocktail, having come to prominence in the 1980s. (If it HAD been created earlier, it probably would have had to go by

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Cement Mixer Shot

Dare your friends (and yourself) to a Cement Mixer Shot—an unsettling combination of Irish cream and lime juice that will turn your mouth into a cement mixer… and possibly turn your stomach, too! When I’m out with friends and someone wants to have a laugh, they order a round of Cement Mixers. They’re shots comprising

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