Classic Daiquiri Recipe

“Simple, classic, unforgettable… The Daiquiri.” In 1898, Jennings Cox was an American engineer, working and managing several mines around the town of Daiquiri in Cuba. While there are many stories that revolve around the origins of this drink, one popular story is that Cox was entertaining guests on a particularly hot evening and ran out

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Strawberry Mojito front shot featured image

Strawberry Mojito

A crisp, sweet, and delicious take on the classic, minty cocktail. While the history of the mojito is a little “muddled”, the consensus among historians and drink enthusiasts is that it originated in Cuba during the time of Sir Francis Drake, where his crew of sailors discovered that a refreshing mix of lime, mint, sugar

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Rum Old-Fashioned

Breathe new life into an old favorite with this Rum Old-Fashioned—dark rum takes the place of whiskey and complements the sugar, bitters, and orange to create something new and exciting. As its name suggests, the Old Fashioned is, well… old. But it has survived the test of time, thanks to its classic flavor and basic

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Chocolate Pina Colada featured image front shot

Chocolate Pina Colada

A Chocolate Pina Colada is a unexpected twist on a classic straight out of a Willy Wonka movie. This cocktail comes to us from Puerto Rico by way of… the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory? The first part is undoubtedly true. The original pina colada was invented on the island of Puerto Rico by bartender Ramón

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