Tequila and Lemonade

One of life’s greatest joys is sipping on a brisk, crisp and refreshingly sweet Tequila and Lemonade on a hot summer’s day.

Tequila and Lemonade

There’s cocktails, and then there’s cocktails. One type is served in an atmosphere-drenched bar or restaurant; you’re dressed to the nines as you order it, and once it arrives, you sip on it elegantly, in a nonchalant way. You know you’ll be having another, so what’s the rush? And then there’s the cocktail that you drink from Solo cups, Mason jars or even a souvenir Terminator 2 Big Gulp cup (if you still have yours). These drinks are made to be guzzled, quaffed and downed heartily, especially during the hot and sweaty months of summer. You enjoy these faster than most, they’re just too good and hit the spot every time as the sizzling sun beats down. One of these cocktails is the Tequila and Lemonade.

I had first moved to Los Angeles and within a matter of weeks, I found myself at a party being held at a seaside mansion atop the cliffs of Malibu. To this day, I’ve never been in a house so opulent and confusing. I got lost going to the bathroom, and after a good twenty-five minutes of wandering around and entering empty room after empty room, I managed to get myself back to the pool where everyone was drinking and eating.

Despite this gathering being relatively small and private, a bartender had been hired to sling drinks. Once I returned to the party and was back outside under the midday heat, the siren call of a cold cocktail lured me over. “What’s good?”, I asked. The barkeep then regaled me with stories of all the celebrity events and houses they had been to, and how once Jack Nicholson told them they made the best Tequila and Lemonade he ever had.

The whole while, the bartender poured and mixed a hefty amount of tequila and lemonade over ice in a Hurricane glass and handed it my way. I took a long, satisfying sip and had to agree with Mr. Nicholson… this was the best Tequila and Lemonade that I ever had. I heaped praise upon my new friend and the refreshment they gifted me. “With a cocktail as delicious as this one, its no wonder a famous actor like Jack Nicholson loved it,” I said.

The barkeep shook their head. “Oh no, it was Jack Nicholson, my gastrointestinal specialist. He hired me to work his retirement party. I should’ve mentioned that.”

As I ordered my second Tequila and Lemonade, I hoped that Dr. Nicholson was enjoying his golden years.

Homemade or Store-bought Lemonade?

This is just a matter of preference and in some cases, time. At the party in Malibu, my drink was mixed with a store-bought brand lemonade, one that featured a popular and iconic actor on its label. It was tart and pulp-free, just the way I love it. And when making these at home, that’s always a perfectly tasty way to enjoy this tipple. Homemade lemonade isn’t as complicated as you might think, and with so many recipes floating around I suggest finding one and trying that out, too. I’ll often mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with simple syrup and filtered water until it tastes the way I want it to.

What is the Best Tequila to Use in a Tequila and Lemonade?

I like a smooth and bright Blanco tequila to mix with this drink. Being more citrusy, peppery and agave-forward, this style of the Mexican spirit melds really well with your lemonade of choice. Not aged in barrels like a reposado tequila, a Blanco, or silver version, won’t overpower your cocktail nor will it disappear under the flavor of the lemons. Your beverage will have a sumptuous balance of sweet and tart mixed with that unmistakable tequila bite.

Tequila and Lemonade
Servings 1 serving
serving 2 minutes


  • 6 ounces homemade or store-bought lemonade
  • 2 ounces tequila
  • Ice cubes for serving
  • Fresh mint sprigs for garnish


  • In a serving glass, combine the lemonade and tequila.
    Tequila and Lemonade
  • Stir the mixture gently to blend the flavors together.
    Tequila and Lemonade
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes to keep the drink chilled.
    Tequila and Lemonade
  • Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint for a touch of elegance and a hint of minty freshness.
Tequila and Lemonade

FAQs & Tips

Tequila and Lemonade

Tequila and Lemonade Variations

Being a simple and perfect two-ingredient cocktail is no small feat, but the Tequila and Lemonade pulls it off beautifully. If your throat is dry and craving a refreshing rescue, Twist & Toast has more than a few summertime recipes that will keep everyone sipping happily when the hot months roll around this year.

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